The other day I was making something with peanut butter–I think it was this wonderful West African Chicken Peanut Stew, which might sound iffy but I promise is really wonderful–and my husband, who was lurking around the kitchen stealing bites of everything, started making big puppy dog eyes at the peanut butter.

He proceeded to toy with my emotions as he told he how much he looooves peanut butter cookies and hasn’t had a good one in years, and his love of the cookies stems back to the time in grade school when his mom used to make chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookies to celebrate his birthday, and he would bring them to school, and all the kids loved them, and loved him, and his mom too…

Well, by the end of this story, how could I not make him some cookies? And did I mention the puppy-dog eyes?

Unfortunately, these particular cookies were nothing to go gaga over. I used a recipe from the usually-reliable Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, but they were pretty blah. Not a strong peanut butter flavor, and a weirdly soft, insubstantial texture. At one point we described them as “wussy.” Certainly nothing you’d want to bring to school on your birthday!

So if you have an awesome peanut butter cookie recipe, I’d love to hear about it–either a book recommendation or a link to an online recipe. Our ideal PB cookie has a strong peanut flavor, and a nice chewy heft (but I do prefer the ones with flour, as opposed to the simple pb/egg/sugar combos.) Thanks, yo!