Happy Halloween!

Semi-Sincere Flattery

I spent the entire day at work creating these fairly ugly cakes. It was a little depressing to slave over something I didn’t design and didn’t particularly like. The worst (best?) part is, they’re not even real. It’s just styrofoam rounds covered with fondant and buttercream. They were for a photo shoot, and the client…

Chocolate & Strawberry, Sitting in a Tree…

Chocolate-Strawberry layer cake, alternating layers of chocolate and strawberry sponge with contrasting chocolate/strawberry buttercream. This was a 9″ for the shop: This was a 6″ birthday order. 6″ cakes are the cutest! Everything is more adorable in miniature… Chocolate-dipped berries, decorative AND tasty:

Hip to Be Square

12″ Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting: The car is a buttercream plaque. I’d never done it before and was pleasantly surprised at the results, although it wasn’t perfect and I could definitely use more practice. I reinforced the back too much and it ended up being too thick to my liking, although my…

Polka Dotted Love

I am still obsessed with polka dots. Et voila: Max is a “creative, sophisticated” three-year old. No cartoon characters for our darling Max, no sir. Neopolitan cake: Six layers of alternating vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate cake and buttercream.

Drive-by Caking

Two quickies from work: Banana Cake with Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting. Triple Strawberry Cake. Strawberry cake and with berry buttercream, layered with strawberry slices. I seriously used 5 lbs of berries making the puree to put in the batter and buttercream. YUM.

Doctorate in Deliciousness

Poor neglected blog! I would promise to do better, but truthfully, you’re second banana for the foreseeable future. In actual cake news, I made a book-themed cake for my friend Nick’s recent birthday. He’s been reading gobs of books for his grad school exams, and he reached the obscenely old age of 29, so the…

Flower Cakes

I recently made two cakes for a luncheon honoring a baby blessing. The yellow cake was a 6″ butter cake. The decoration is buttercream around the sides, whipped cream on top, and buttercream accents around fresh berries. The cake was 4 layers of butter cake and 3 layers of filling: strawberries and cream, boysenberries and…

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