Mixed-Up S’mores


Not to be an obnoxious girl stereotype or anything, but I was never a big math fan in school. I majored in English and American Studies, aka Touchy-Feely Theories and the Book Nerds Who Love Them. It was useless, but glorious. Fast-forward a few years, and I now spend my days making desserts, my nights…

Truffle-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies


One of the perks-slash-problems of having a job that involves making candy at home is that, at the end of the day, I end up with a lot of candy at home. (Duh.) It’s awesome because I love eating sweets, but it’s also dangerous, because: see above. Some weeks I do a good job of…

Peanut-Chocolate Toffee Sundaes + A Giveaway!


So as you might have heard, I have a book coming out in—deep breaths—one week. I’m not quite sure how that happened! It seems like only yesterday I was squeezing into an apron and haulin’ my 30-week pregnant self and a whole trunkful of handmade candy to our photoshoots…and now those very same photos grace…

Sunday Sweets: Bark Candies


Hey hey, it’s Sunday! Know what that means? Time to talk about the candy I’ve been making lately! Two weeks ago it was all about BARKS. Bark week was not just about making dreadful puns (“barks you should bite,” yeow!), oh no. It was also about making quick and easy candies that are perfect for…

Blue Crystal Meth Rock Candy for Breaking Bad


You guys! Breaking Bad is finally coming back to TV this Sunday night, to which I say: bring it. I’m sick of all this feel-good television I’ve been watching, and I’m ready for some feel-bad television once again. Breaking Bad is the best show that I hate to watch. I basically view the episodes with…

Sunday Sweets: Strawberry Edition


[It’s that time again—time for a round-up of all the candy shenanigans I’ve been up to this week! Shenanigans like these…] Truffles are good. Fresh strawberries are good. So when you combine the two, you KNOW the results are going to be good! In these Inside-Out Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, soft ganache is piped into fresh strawberries….

Sunday Sweets: Fourth of July Candy Edition


[Pssst: Sunday Sweets is the weekly round-up of fun candy recipes I’ve been posting over on About Candy. Carry on…] The Fourth of July isn’t exactly known for being a prime candy holiday, but I still have fun thinking of appropriate candy recipes. I haven’t figured out how to make edible Paul Reveres (…yet…) but…

Sunday Sweets, Cake Ball Edition


In addition to the shenanigans I get up to here at SugarHero, I also run the candy website at In the past I’ve kept the two sites pretty distinct, but I thought it might be fun to start showcasing some of my favorite candy recipes from the previous week here on SugarHero, in a…

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