Yeasted Dough

Pita Bread, Jell-o, and a Radical 80′s Dessert

Hey, look, I have a blog! Life’s been busy recently and I took an unplanned blogcation for a few weeks–whoops. Sometimes a little break can be a good thing, though. Here are the highlights: I had a dinner party recently. The theme was “Dining Through the Decades” and the dinner featured nine courses, each from…

Orange Rolls and The Bestest Salad Ever

Allow me to introduce you to orange rolls, my family’s traditional Thanksgiving roll. We had them every Thanksgiving, but I don’t recall ever having them at any other time of the year, so now I strongly associate them with Turkey day. Orange rolls and salad are the only Thanksgiving foods I actually enjoy (literally), so…

Danish Braids with the Daring Bakers

Work has been horribly hectic, leading me to ignore this poor blog for nearly a month. Fortunately I have the monthly Daring Bakers challenges to motivate me and to ensure that I’m blogging at least a minimal amount. This month we made Danish Braids. What is the secret to making tasty danishes, you ask? Lots…

Thanksgiving round-up: Orange Rolls

Orange rolls are my family’s traditional Thanksgiving bread of choice. I feel good including them on a dessert blog because with their sugar, butter, eggs, and sweet glaze, they’re not quite in the healthy carb category. (But rest assured, they are in the tasty carb category). I always make extra for leftover turkey sandwiches.

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