Sunday Sweets, Cake Ball Edition

In addition to the shenanigans I get up to here at SugarHero, I also run the candy website at In the past I’ve kept the two sites pretty distinct, but I thought it might be fun to start showcasing some of my favorite candy recipes from the previous week here on SugarHero, in a feature called Sunday Sweets.

Last week’s candy focus was all about CAKE BALLS. Is that trend completely dead yet? I hope not, because I made some monster variations that I kind of love.

[No, really. My husband and I killed a giant Tupperware of cake balls in about 5 days. It was gross and magnificent, all at the same time. I wonder why I’m not losing that baby weight…?]


First up: lava cake truffles. It’s a nice coincidence that I just wrote about lava cakes here on SugarHero, in the form of Brownie Lava Bites. These are traditional chocolate cake balls, with a twist: a soft chocolate truffle is inserted in the center, so when they’re served at room temperature they have a rich, melting middle layer, much like a lava cake. I crunched the numbers and these are precisely 137% more satisfying than classic cake balls.

Get the recipe: Lava Cake Truffles


I thought it would be hard to top lava cake truffles, but it actually wasn’t much of a competition. These Doughnut Truffles were far and away our favorite cake ball variation. We got into fisticuffs arguing over who should get to eat the last one.

These wee little doughnut candies not only look like the real thing, but they taste like the real thing. The not-so-secret ingredient is real cake doughnuts. Yes, just as cake truffles are made with cake, doughnut truffles MUST be made with doughnuts.


I didn’t realize what a distinct flavor cake doughnuts had until I crumbled them up and mixed them with frosting. It is a completely different taste than you get from mixing regular cake with frosting, and it is immediately recognizable.

I never know when to stop, so I shaped and decorated most of them to look just like doughnuts. I got tired of fiddling with them by the end, so I just rolled the last dozen into balls and dunked them into whatever leftover coating I had—and they were still delicious. So don’t be dissuaded if you don’t want to go to the trouble of recreating the doughnut shape. They’re just as good served plain.

Get the recipe: Doughnut Truffles
Bonus recipe: Doughnut Hot Chocolate. It’s exactly what it sounds like. DOOOO IT.

Have a great day! What sweets will you be enjoying?

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  1. Heather says:

    I love the Sunday Sweets idea! I’ll be reading…and my mouth will be watering…

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