Sunday Sweets: Strawberry Edition

[It’s that time again—time for a round-up of all the candy shenanigans I’ve been up to this week! Shenanigans like these…]


Truffles are good. Fresh strawberries are good. So when you combine the two, you KNOW the results are going to be good! In these Inside-Out Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, soft ganache is piped into fresh strawberries. They’re sort of like their own self-contained appetizer/dessert. (Appessert? Double consonants never tasted so good.) The ganache is loose, so it stays soft at room temperature, blending perfectly into the juicy berries. Yes please.

Get the recipe: Inside-Out Chocolate-Covered Strawberries


But maybe you prefer to stuff your strawberries with cheesecake instead of truffles. Never fear, there’s something here for you too. Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries actually call for mascarpone instead of cream cheese, because I love the milder, sweeter taste of mascarpone. But if you’re a cream cheese fan you can definitely use that instead. Just don’t skip the lemon zest, which positively makes these candies.

Get the recipe: Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries


I’ve saved the weirdest for last. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I would think of the combination of peanut butter and strawberries, but as it turns out, I’m a fan! Strawberry Peanut Butter Bites have sort of a sweet-and-salty flavor combination going on, like sea salt caramels or chocolate-dipped pretzels. The filling is a mix of peanut butter and chocolate, then they’re dipped in an outer coating of chocolate to hold everything together. It’s a fun, unusual twist on basic chocolate-covered strawberries.

Get the recipe: Strawberry Peanut Butter Bites

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