Baby Showers

Sock Monkey Cake


My friend Laura is having a baby, and I got to help plan her baby shower. The theme was “Planes, Trains, and Little Boy Names” and all of the decorations were old-fashioned toys and classic children’s books. Her sister, the mastermind behind the shower, came up with the theme and told me about the decorations….

Beach Baby Shower Cake

We are still in the midst of baby shower season around here, and the most recent honoree was my friend Meghan. Her shower had a beach theme (perfect for our warm LA winters!) so I made her a seashore cake to celebrate. I found a great seashell candy mold at Michael’s that had 5 different…

Baby, You’re A Rock Star Shower Cake

Something’s in the water round these parts, because all of my friends are either new mothers or expecting. Downside: being (blissfully) left out of dirty diaper and breastfeeding discussions. Upside: baby showers and the desserts that go along with them! (Oh, and the resulting babies are a pretty big upside too.) This past weekend we…

Butterfly Cupcakes and the Tijuana Turtle Effect

So my boss Esti has a theory about miniature desserts we call the “Tijuana Turtle Effect.” Observe: One miniature butterfly cupcake is pretty cute. Three mini butterfly cupcakes are kind of darling. But a huge spread of dozens and dozens of mini butterfly cupcakes, arranged wing to wing? UNBEARABLY ADORABLE.This, my friends, is the Tijuana…

Lemon and Raspberry Bird Cake

My friend KT is having a baby, and I volunteered to make the cake for the baby shower. We decided on a bird theme, and since she likes “anything but chocolate cake,” I chose a lemon cake with layers of lemon and raspberry curd. The cake is covered in fondant, with a gumpaste bird and…

Flower Cakes

I recently made two cakes for a luncheon honoring a baby blessing. The yellow cake was a 6″ butter cake. The decoration is buttercream around the sides, whipped cream on top, and buttercream accents around fresh berries. The cake was 4 layers of butter cake and 3 layers of filling: strawberries and cream, boysenberries and…

Butterfly cake for a baby shower

My dear friend Holly is having a baby, and I was invited to make the cake for her shower. Of course, I jumped at the chance to make something special for the celebration. She asked for “something chocolate,” so I decided to go with a chocolate layer cake, filled with ganache, raspberries, and whipped cream,…

Butterfly cake: the metamorphosis

Creating a large layer cake is a labor of love, but you can do a few things to make it less labor and more love. Above all, make sure you have everything ready to go before you begin, and make sure you leave yourself enough time. There is nothing more frustrating than wrestling with unruly…

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