Buttermilk Cookies: No Pumpkin Required

Many moons ago, I saw a recipe for buttermilk cookies on Ezra Pound Cake. Rebecca made them look and sound like an amazing summer treat, and I added them to my ever-increasing To Bake list. A month or two later, I finally got around to making them. A few months after that, I’m finally getting…

Black and White Angel Food Cupcakes

I was completely torn when I found out that cupcakes were this month’s Sugar High Friday theme. I love Sugar High Friday! And I really, really love cupcakes. But I’ve been feeling a little…squishier around the middle lately, and I’m sure it’s due to all of the baked goods lying around, and my accompanying lack…

Lemon Tea Cake

I am in love with citrus desserts. My obsession usually takes the form of chocolate-orange concoctions, but I have been known to binge on lemon treats now and again. So when I saw this drool-worthy recipe for Lemon Tea Cake on Sugarchef’s blog, it immediately moved to the top of my Must-Bake List.This bread has…

A Tale of Two Brownies

Dear readers: This story has a tragic beginning, but do not fear–it has a happy ending. Once upon a time, there was a woman who diligently read the food section of the LA Times each Wednesday. Even though it was shamefully skimpy and often featured wine articles she didn’t care about, she still looked forward…

Key Lime Pie

Recently a friend came to visit, and in the course of a ravenous trip to the local 99 Cent store (bastion of cheap, adventurous eats) we found huge bags of key limes for only a dollar. If you’re not familiar with key limes, they’re tiny but–if you pick them right–packed with tart, flavorful juice. I…

Deconstructed Blackberry Pie

My tolerance of summer is a Faustian bargain of sorts. I agree to suffer the indignities of high temperatures for months on end, and in return I get to gorge on all manner of delicious summer produce–especially watermelon and berries. While berries are technically available year-round, the sour pebbles they sell for $5/pint in the…

Chocolate-Orange Petit Fours

I devised this recipe for a recipe contest sponsored by Green & Black’s Chocolate. I gave them awesome chocolate-orange cakes, they gave me the proverbial hand. Now I give YOU the recipe, in the hopes that you will appreciate it more than they did. The rules were that entrants could only use five ingredients, and…

Sunny Lemon Cookies

After several pleasant weeks of cooler-than-usual temperatures, it’s getting warm again in Los Angeles. The rising temperatures haven’t caused me to forsake my oven, but they have made me crave bright, summery flavors. My recent experiments making macarons, nougat, and marshmallow have left me with a lot of lonely egg yolks. I could turn these…

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