TWD Brownie-Cherry Torte and DB’s Macarons, oh my

It has finally happened…the perfect storm of blog posting. Two of the baking groups I belong to, Tuesdays with Dorie and The Daring Bakers, have challenges that have to be posted today. As George Costanza would say, “worlds are colliding!” So rather than make 2 separate posts, today’s blog will be a super-duper-mega-big post about…

Macaron Magic

Have you ever had a macaron? Macarons–not to be confused with macaroons, the soft coconut cookies that are delicious in their own right–are petite French sandwich cookies featuring crisp and chewy meringue shells and a soft inner filling that is usually chocolate ganache or buttercream. A number of my favorite food blogs have been featuring…

Oh Hello There
Don't Be A Stranger
Take Me Home Tonight
Hey sugar heroes!
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