TWD: Allspice Crumb Muffins

These Allspice Crumb Muffins looked great, but they really, really did not work for me. And I love muffins! And I love crumb topping! And I love spices! I even added some diced pears to the batter to give it a nice fall, fruit-and-spice-and-everything-nice flavor. However, all the pears in the world couldn’t help these puppies…

I don’t know why I disliked them so much. Nothing was wrong with them, per se, but I couldn’t even make it through a whole muffin. I pulled the top off, Seinfeld-style, expecting to love it and all of its spicy, crumby, muffiny glory. Instead, it coated my throat and left me wanting water and a good tooth brushing. I felt like a dog eating peanut butter:

I could. not. stop. making those wet lip smacking sounds, but it wasn’t a ooh, delicious-style smack, more of a why can’t I swallow properly, get this gooey stuff out of my mouth-lip smack. Uch. Even typing this now, a week after eating it, I’m making that face. Not good.

My husband ate several and thought they were fine (not outstanding), so I know I didn’t accidentally add arsenic or fatally screw up the recipe in some other way. However, the leftovers ended up getting tossed, which is unusual round these parts, so it’s safe to say these were not a big hit with anyone. Now let us never mention allspice muffins again. Anyone seen my peanut butter?

27 Responses to TWD: Allspice Crumb Muffins
  1. Leslie says:

    So sorry these didn't work for you! I wasn't thrilled with them either, but tried them again with Vietnamese cinnamon and they were fabulous.

  2. Kim says:

    I love the picture. Sorry these weren't a hit for you. I thought they were okay but my hubby really liked them. Your crumb topping is lovely.

  3. vibi says:

    You have such flair, Liz! your presentation (even of the plainest muffin) is always so terrific! Bravo!

  4. Jeannette says:

    sounds like they were gummy. ew. i hope your next muffin comes out fantastic to make up for these :)

  5. Katrina says:

    Too funny, Liz. Your write up, not the fact that you didn't like these. I'm glad I made them in to coffee cake with chocolate chips as that helped, but the plain ol' allspice part was just not enough for me!
    Sweet potato biscuits anyone?

  6. chocolatechic says:

    It is to bad that these didn't work out for you.

    They look lovely.

  7. Megan says:

    Ha! I can just picture your "peanut butter face" as you're attempting to swallow the muffin!

    Although these were good, I won't be rushing to make them again.

  8. spike. says:

    oh no! Sorry they didn't work out

  9. bakingwiththeboys says:

    This post totally cracked me up. You know, I didn't care for the flavor either. Too buttery for me. But one of my sons ate a ton of them…go figure.

  10. Shandy says:

    It is hard writing about something when you find yourself not liking it but you did a great job explaining (very funny) how the muffins just were not for you. Definitely turned out great and at least hubby ate a few.

  11. Shandy says:

    It is hard writing about something when you find yourself not liking it but you did a great job explaining (very funny) how the muffins just were not for you. Definitely turned out great and at least hubby ate a few.

  12. Kayte says:

    Okay, I won't mention them. But, thanks for trying them and baking with me anyway! I love the ribbons around them.

  13. shaz says:

    Your description is so hilarious I'm thinking about making them so I can know what a dog eating peanut butter feels like! On second thoughts maybe I'll just take your word for it.

  14. jillbert says:

    That's a bummer that they weren't a hit. I thought I might not like these but I did enjoy them. Funny video!

  15. Susan @ SGCC says:

    Your muffins look fabulous! Sorry you didn't like them. I think adding the pears was a great idea, though.

  16. Crumb Sniffle says:

    My only concern is that you never tell us how you really feel. You tend to, pardon the pun, sugar coat things instead of coming out and speaking your mind. Oh well, I suppose it's part of your charm, HOMIE!

  17. Jacque says:

    Yep, some weeks are winners and some, well, aren't. They sure look good, though.

    Here's to next week :)

  18. pinkstripes says:

    Too bad the muffins didn't do anything for you. The diced pear sounds yum, though (to me. :P)

  19. Patricia says:

    Sorry these didn't work out for you, they look really good…ah well a failure here and there makes the triumphs sweeter!! Thanks for the video of the dog and peanut butter…very funny, I have given it to my dogs occasionally and they also make very heavy weather of it…hilarious!!

  20. Melissa says:

    I've never used allspice before, and now I really like it! I liked these muffins, but I didn't like the topping. Mine melted off, and the muffin is buttery enough without it, I think.

    If you want to see a failed recipe, check out tomorrow's post on sweet potato biscuits. ;)

  21. TeaLady says:

    Ah! Bummer. And we liked them.

    They look perfect.

  22. frauenmantel says:

    First of all I would like to say thank you because you have given long description so it would be very easy to understand and very easy to make also. I made it yesterday only and my kids like it so much even my wife too.

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