TWD: Banana-Coconut Ice Cream Pie

This week’s Banana-Coconut Ice Cream Pie was a bit of an odd duck for me. I think a large part of my problem was the name. It had me expecting lush tropical flavors, but then the chocolate ice cream kind of stole the show and overwhelmed everything else. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…) Since I always judge a book by its cover (and usually the summary inside the flap) I didn’t really know what to make of my tropical-sounding, conventional-tasting mini tarts. Which is not to say that were bad, just that I am sometimes a very literal person.
The recipe, as written, called for a coconut-shortbread crust, filled with sliced bananas and chocolate ice cream that was mixed with pureed banana. The tart was to be finished with more sliced banana. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s a whole lot of banana in one little dessert. (And also not nearly enough coconut, but that’s only because I’m addicted to the white stuff.)

I halved the recipe and made two mini tarts, since I’m the only one home for two weeks, and even my level of gluttony couldn’t handle a whole ice cream pie. Some folks complained that the banana flavor was too much, so I tried two different versions. One, above, had sliced bananas above and below the ice cream, as written. The second, below, just had bananas in the ice cream, and was topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

For my taste, the bananas in the ice cream were enough. The flavor still shone through, but I wasn’t eating mouthfuls of freezer banana with every bite. Plus, this gave the coconut more of a chance to shine.

I made the chocolate ice cream using Dorie’s recipe for Chocolate-Blueberry Ice Cream (omitting the blueberry preserves.) People, it is AWESOME. Mine turned out pretty hard, but there’s also a chance I added too much chocolate, since I kept nibbling it after I’d weighed it out and then had to throw a handful into the bowl to make up for it and might have added too much, and surely I can’t be the only one who can’t be trusted around a bowl of chopped chocolate while baking? Bueller?

Aaaanyhow, these tarts were great, and a nice, relatively easy summery dessert. I’d do them again without bananas and with the whipped cream in a heartbeat. To get the recipe, head on over to Spike’s great blog.

16 Responses to TWD: Banana-Coconut Ice Cream Pie
  1. Helen says:

    I don't know which of these I like more……AND you made your own ice cream!! These both look great.

  2. spike. says:

    I agree, the extra slices of banana weren't necessary. Thanks for making pies with me this week! Next time- I'm going to skip the chocolate ice cream and try something more tropical

  3. Katrina says:

    As much as I love banana, I wasn't too hot on this idea either. I went with ice cream sandwiches and used Dorie's Coconut Butter Thins. But the crust for this pie sounds de-lish (which is why I didn't make it).
    Love your little pies!

  4. Jason says:

    I can't believe I was out of town for these! Blerg!

  5. sarahe says:

    i bet it's great w/dorie's icecream!

  6. Engineer Baker says:

    I love the second one – those swirls of whipped cream look amazing. Beautiful!

  7. Leslie says:

    Chocolate in any form isn't safe in my house. I love your minis, each with its own personality. I decided to 86 the banana and made it all about the chocolate and coconut crust.

  8. TeaLady says:

    Those BOTH look fantastic. I love the drizzle.

    I used coconut ice cream and just layered bananas on the bottom. Not a choco/naner lover.

  9. natalia says:

    Ciao Elizabeth ! I love your tartlets ! Your videos on candy are great ! Thank you !!!

  10. jillbert says:

    Awesome. I wish I would have had whipped cream to put on top. I deleted the sliced bananas too and thought that was enough banana flavor.

  11. kitchen tables says:

    This is a nice recipe. Sad to say, no coconuts for today. I haven't seen one lately in the market.

  12. gerlie says:

    I wish I would have had whipped cream to put on top.
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  13. gerlie says:

    just that I am sometimes a very literal person.
    surely I can't be the only one who can't be trusted around a bowl of chopped chocolate while baking

  14. gerlie says:

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