TWD: Honey Wheat Cookies

I had my doubts about these Honey Wheat cookies. The truth is, I OD’ed on wheat germ back in high school, and it’s been years since I’ve even wanted to be in the same room with the stuff. (Lunch every day involved yogurt with gobs of wheat germ stirred into it. Four years of this will cure you of any wheat germ cravings right quick.) So I wasn’t too excited at the thought of trying to turn my old frenemy into a tasty cookie ingredient.

However, I actually kind of loved these. They weren’t my usual crisp on the outside, soft in the center, bursting-with-chocolate extravaganza, and it was refreshing! I loved the chewiness the wheat added, I loved the strong honey flavor, and I loved the addition of lots of lemon zest. I also added a teaspoon of cardamom, which I was hoping to love, but I couldn’t taste it at all in the finished cookies, so I guess I’ll double it next time and love it later.

These didn’t prove as popular with the husband, as he pronounced them “healthy-tasting” with an unmistakable whiff of disdain in his voice. I tried to explain how much butter and sugar was in them, but it didn’t do much good. So it’s up to me to polish these off, but don’t worry, guys, I think I’m up to the job.

22 Responses to TWD: Honey Wheat Cookies
  1. Leslie says:

    I wish mine ended up more like yours, but I doubled up on the baking powder by mistake, so mine look very puffy. I bet they would be great with more cardamom.

  2. spike. says:

    utoh- health tasting! Shouldn't have you feeling too bad about finishing them off. I'm excited to try these when I get around to it!

  3. erin says:

    I think the butter and sugar counter the wheat and honey which equals a semi-healthy (still good tasting cookie) I really enjoyed these (and I'm glad that your OD of wheat germ didn't stop you from making these!)

  4. Linda says:

    it's been a chocolate fest this month hasn't it? — I'm not complaining, mind you. This cookie is a nice change of pace. I like your idea of adding a touch of spice.

  5. Susan says:

    Hahaha! Sounds like my house. The hubby ate one and then washed the taste out of his mouth with one of his chocolate chip pecans cookies. :) Yours look great! Oh, I think I am up to the job too. :D

  6. Tia says:

    beautiful, perfect circles. great job!!!

  7. sarahe says:

    they look good–i couldn't find wheat germ so did not make them.

  8. Megan says:

    That's a good girl – take one for the team!

    I wish I'd thought to add some spice to these – but honestly, I loved them all the same.

  9. Flourchild says:

    Im glad you enjoyed the cookies, they look great! Thank you for baking along with me this week.

  10. Jodie says:

    Ok, everyone says they're good so I guess I'll have to try them.

  11. vibi says:

    If the perfect cookie has a home… I'm sure it is here! Bravo, Liz!

  12. Amanda says:

    Glad you liked them after all! I thought they were ok, but probably won't make them again.

  13. Maria says:

    I like healthy so I will try these:)

  14. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] says:

    Sorry about that! And lol'ing at healthy tasting. I can relate. There are some things that no matter how much butter may be in them, still give off that healthy feeling :(

  15. Kelly D says:

    I ate a Krackle bar and diet coke for lunch in high school. I think vast amounts of wheat germ would have been a huge improvement. Love your husband's reaction. My son had a similar one.

  16. TeaLady says:

    Yes, wheat germ was quite popular back 'then'. In smoothies, cereal, snacks, etc.

    Cookies are petty.

  17. Carol Peterman says:

    I dipped mine in icing and my husband didn't notice that they were "healthy", well after being slathered with sugar they really aren't healthy.

  18. Kayte says:

    They look lovely. Still smiling about your attempt to convince husband that these weren't all that healthy…LOL. We liked them a lot, I was finding way too many excuses to make a cup of tea so I could have one of these cookies.

  19. Lynnylu says:

    I was hesitant about the wheat germ, too. I love it in my yeast bread, but wasn't sure about putting it in a cookie. I was pleasantly surprised, especially with honey and lemon infused sugar. I loved them. Great job on the honey wheat cookies.

  20. Cathy says:

    Glad you loved them, notwithstanding your wheat germ OD back in high school. Maybe this is the beginning of a new, more cautious relationship with wheat germ? We enjoyed these too. Yours look fantastic!

  21. jillbert says:

    I loved the chewiness of these. Yours look wonderful – I think they were a surprise hit for a lot of people.

  22. Romaine says:

    Cardamom sounds like a fantastic idea. I love my cardamom bread. Your cookies look great.

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