Good news, friends. We are but a few days away from the Arrested Development premiere, which means that you are either a) out of your mind excited because you’re a fan of the show or b) out of your mind excited because you’re not a fan and you can’t wait for me to shut up about it. Soon, my pretties…soooooon.

Before I do the aforementioned shutting up, though, I wanted to leave you with a final wrap-up of all the Arrested Development food 10th Kitchen and I featured this week, in one handy pin-friendly image. (Just sayin’). Links to all the recipes are down below the pictures, as well as a list of other fun AD stuff around the web. Thanks for indulging my tv geekery this week!

Arrested Development Party Menu |


Click here for the recipes:

Here are some more fun recipes and party ideas from other blogs:


  • And finally, this isn’t food-related, but NPR has an amazing chart with all of the reoccurring gags throughout the whole series. You can find the chart here. Mind = blown. They say they’re going to be updating it throughout season 4, so check back for the latest news on bloodthirsty seals, Frightened Inmate #2, and more of Carl Weathers’ great money-saving tips.


That’s all for now, folks…say goodbye to these.