Edible White Chocolate Tulip Bowls

Course: Dessert
Dessert Type: Candy
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 10
Calories: 99kcal
Author: Elizabeth LaBau
White Chocolate Tulip Bowls are easy to make, and they never fail to impress! You need just a few ingredients (and a little practice) to make these gorgeous, edible swirled white and pink chocolate bowls with a scalloped edge! Fill them with ice cream, mousse, whipped cream, candies, or anything else you can dream up!
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  • Melt the white candy coating and the pink candy coating in separate bowls. Set them aside to cool to room temperature—they should still be melted and fluid, but not at all warm to the touch. (If the chocolate is too warm, the balloons will pop when you dip them!)
  • Line a baking sheet with parchment or waxed paper. Drop 10 1-inch circles of white coating on the paper, spaced several inches apart, and tap the baking sheet against the counter a few times to level off the circles of chocolate and give them a flat top. These will be the bases for your white chocolate bowls.
  • Blow up the water balloons and tie them off.
  • Drizzle a spoonful of pink coating on top of the melted white coating in a random pattern. Hold a balloon by the top near the knot in one hand, and in the other hand hold the bowl of coating, tilted at an angle toward you.
  • To get visible swirls, you don’t dip the balloon so much as place the side of it in the chocolate and then pull it up. Gently set the side of the balloon in chocolate, so that the chocolate comes about half-way up the side of the balloon in a semi-circle shape. Pull the balloon out of the chocolate, then rotate it a bit, and do a second side, slightly overlapping the first, and creating a scalloped edge on top. Repeat, rotating the balloon, until all of the sides are covered with chocolate. I typically did 5 dips per balloon. Let the excess drip back into the bowl, then gently set the balloon down on one of the white chocolate circles you made.
  • Drizzle another big spoonful of pink coating into the bowl, and repeat with the remaining balloons. If the coating gets too cool to work with, heat it up briefly, in 5-second spurts, just until it is workable again.
  • Once all of the balloons are dipped, refrigerate the tray to set the white chocolate bowls completely.
  • Press against the sides of the balloons, gently, to loosen them from the chocolate bowls, then pop the balloons with a sharp pin and pull out any balloons that cling to the white chocolate inside.
  • Fill the edible bowls with scoops of Circus Animal No-Churn Ice Cream, and once you’ve eaten the ice cream, devour the bowls!


Calories: 99kcal | Carbohydrates: 12g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Sodium: 20mg | Sugar: 12g