How to Separate Eggs into Egg White and Egg Yolks

How to Separate Eggs

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: separating eggs
Dessert Type: Misc. Desserts
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Author: Elizabeth LaBau
My go to way of separating eggs! This method is fast, it’s easy to separate a LOT of eggs quickly, you don’t need any special equipment, and the risk of breaking a yolk is minimal. Multiple options included so you are sure to find a method that works perfect for you!
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  • Eggs


The Hand Method

  • Crack all of the eggs that need to be separated into one bowl.
  • Take a (clean!) hand, and reach into the bowl and lift out one of the yolks.
  • Keep your fingers slightly separated, letting the whites slip through your fingers.
  • Transfer the yolk to your other hand, letting more whites slip out.
  • Keep transferring the yolk between your hands until all of the whites have dropped back into the bowl.
  • Slide the yolk into the second bowl, and repeat with the remaining yolks.



When separating one egg, you can crack it directly into your hand, let the whites slip through your fingers into one bowl, then slide the yolk into a second bowl. For 2+ eggs, I find it fastest just to start with all of the eggs cracked into 1 bowl. The yolks tend to hold together well when cold, however you will still need to be careful when handling. The best tip is to gently slide them from palm to palm, to avoid poking them with your fingers.