So you want to get in touch? I love it! You can reach me at elizabeth (at) Please skim through the FAQ before you email, since I may have already answered your question. Have a specific reason for getting in touch? Here’s the deal:

If You Want to Publish One of My Recipes or Pictures on Your Blog

Please, please email me and ask me first–don’t just yoink and run. In general, I probably won’t mind if you use one picture with a link back to that recipe, but I still appreciate an emailed request. Please don’t crop out the water mark on the picture, and don’t copy and paste the recipe or the blog content. If you have made my recipe and want to share it on your own blog, please re-write it in your own words, and include a link back to my blog. This is the polite thing to do, and it is the legal thing to do, to comply with copyright laws. It also benefits you, since the recipe will be written in your own voice, and it’ll keep us both from being dinged by Google for duplicate content. Thanks for understanding.

If You Want Me to Create Recipes or Photographs For Your Brand

Hey, that’s exactly what I do all day! Please check out my Work With Me page for more information about the services I offer. 

If You Have A Question About A Specific Recipe

I do my best to answer every email I receive, but sometimes they pile up and it takes me a few days (or weeks…) to respond. If you have a question about a recipe, it’s best to leave your question as a comment on that recipe’s post. I typically respond to questions in the comments within 24 hours. Plus, other folks might have the same question, and the question and my answer will be in one handy location. To ensure you receive the answer, make sure you check the box that says “Notify Me of Follow-Up Comment Via Email” under the Submit Comment button. Or, you can just compulsively check the comments every 15 minutes until I reply. I recommend the former.

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