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Elizabeth LaBau

Hello and Welcome!

SugarHero is the home of fun and fearless baking.

We are unabashed dessert lovers who believe butter is one of the major food groups, “diet” is a four-letter word, and enjoying sweets is not a guilty pleasure – it should be all pleasure, no guilt!

SugarHero was founded in 2011 by Elizabeth LaBau, a former pastry chef, current pastry eater, cookbook writer, baking instructor, and sugar’s #1 fan.

Our Promise to You:

Here are SugarHero, our mission is to be your go-to destination for thoroughly tested dessert recipes, decorating tutorials, and baking tips. What you’ll find here:

  • reliable recipes you can trust
  • photo tutorials
  • helpful videos
  • decorating tips

Whether you’re a seasoned baking veteran or someone turning on the oven for the first time, our recipes and resources will help you become a more confident and creative baker—in short, a sugar hero!

Three photo collage of colorful desserts.

We Believe:

Our #1 rule in the kitchen?

Baking should be fun!

People often talk about how baking is a science that requires extreme precision and rule-following. While that’s true, it can also be intimidating and deter people from even trying new recipes.

We say: screw that! Yes, baking science is important, but so is playing around and having fun in the kitchen. Our goal is to demystify desserts and make it easy for everyone to produce spectacular sweets.

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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth LaBau in a blue shirt, next to a teal and orange layer cake.

Hello, fellow dessert lovers! I’m Elizabeth LaBau, and I’m the founder, baker, photographer, taste-tester, and Chief Sugar Officer here at SugarHero!

I’m a former pastry chef who trained and worked for years in professional kitchens. I started SugarHero! in the fall of 2011, as a way to share my love of over-the-top desserts with the world. What began as a weekend and late-night hobby has turned into my full-time job, and I feel so lucky to have this life and to be here sharing desserts with you.

I’m pro-butter, anti-candy corn, and firmly believe that desserts should be as gorgeous as they are delicious. My passion and mission is to teach people to be better bakers, so if you leave here feeling inspired and empowered in the kitchen, I have done my job!

I’m married to Jason, a history teacher, and we have two amazing sons. We’re California transplants who are learning to love Utah (brrrr!), which would be easier if it had some dang beaches. When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me reading books, roller skating (quad skates, of course!), and trying to teach myself guitar.

A smiling family in a fall park.

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