The Christian Science MonitorThe Christian Science Monitor
Easter Candy: Homemade Peeps That are Better than Store-Bought. Shared a recipe for homemade Marshmallow Chicks for Easter, and provided tips and tricks in an interview for making perfect homemade Easter candy.  (April 2014)
Greenwich TimeGreenwich Times
Sugar, Sugar: Sink Your Teeth Into Candy Treats. Excerpt: “Thinking of trying to make your own candy? Try The Sweet Book of Candy Making, an illustrated, step-by-step guide written by Elizabeth LaBau. LaBau explains the ingredients, tools and techniques you’ll need to make your own candy, then provides recipes to help illustrate each technique.” (April 2014)
Better Homes & Gardens Blogger AwardsBetter Homes & Gardens
The Best Baking Blogs: chosen by the editors of Better Homes & Gardens online as one of the Top 10 Baking Blogs of 2014. (March 2014)
 Brownies & Bars Magazine Brownies & Bars Magazine
Featured contributor to Brownies & Bars magazine, from Better Homes and Gardens. My recipe for Caramel Cheesecake-Topped Brownies won the Best Blogger Brownie Recipe contest and I was featured in a full-page spread in the magazine. (February 2014)
 Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times
Breaking Bad: How to Make Blue ‘Meth’ Candy for your Finale Party. Shared a recipe for Blue Crystal Meth Rock Candy to celebrate the finale of the television show Breaking Bad. (September 2013)
The Truth About Food Blogging.  Listed as an example of an “expert” food blogger. Excerpt: “If you work in catering, food prep or some other food-related profession and have other knowledge to pass on – industry insights, career tips and advice – you will gain an advantage. SugarHero is a great example – it is written by an ex-pastry chef with a book deal.” (August 2013)
 the-kitchn-logo The Kitchn
Review of The Sweet Book of Candy Making, Excerpt: “Many candy books just cover the basics, and most blog posts don’t go into the science of why and how sugar reacts the ways it does. The first 30 pages of this book are basically Candy Making 101. They talk about how and why you work with ingredients in certain ways, and cover everything you need to know — from old fashioned basics to new twists on the classics — so you can start replicating some of these treats on your own.” (April 2013) Delicious Links,  Deep-Fried S’mores were included as part of a Delicious Links round-up. (September 2013)
 womans-world-final Woman’s World Magazine
July 2013, shared a recipe for Candy Flags. {Click here for a screen shot.} Excerpt: “Patriotic fun: Candy flags the kids can help make! These chocolate bars are anything but boring!”
March 2013, shared a recipe for Chocolate Toffee Matzoh. {Click here for a screen shot.} Excerpt: “Smothered in layers of toffee, melted chocolate, and salted nuts, they’re a delicious new spin on the holiday staple!”
 food-and-wine-final Food & Wine Magazine
The Sweet Book of Candy Making was featured in the 2012 holiday issue of Food & Wine magazine, as part of a story on gourmet candy and making gourmet candy at home. (December 2012)
 ChicagoTribune-final Chicago Tribune
Lovin’Lollipops. Making sweet treats for Halloween: Pro offers tips for success. Provided tips for successful candy making, discussed The Sweet Book of Candy Making, and shared a recipe for lollipops. Excerpt: “Those creations are packed into the book that boasts lots of recipes, how-to photos and helpful tips for making truffles, marshmallows, fondant and more, as well as that kid (and adult) favorite, lollipops.” (October 2012) Sweet & Scary: How to Make Halloween goodies that trick & treat. Interviewed as a candy expert providing tips for making homemade Halloween candy. (October 2012)
Rocks or not? Breaking Bad-inspired ‘meth’ candy. Excerpt: “But if you’re feeling like trying a little chemistry at home, you can cook up a batch of your own blue baggie yourself. The blog Sugarhero shows us how it’s done. Luckily for those kitchen novices, it’s easy as boiling water (and sugar). The only special device you need is a candy thermometer.” (August 2012)
Fox News RadioFox Radio: Fox & Food
Appeared as a guest on the Fox & Food radio show talking about how to make Blue Crystal Meth Candy for Breaking Bad. Listen to the podcast of the show here.(September 2013)
supermarket-superstar-top2Supermarket Superstar
Appeared as a special guest judge on the Lifetime show Supermarket Superstar on the episode “Baked Goods,” (season 1, episode 4). Was part of a panel of pastry chefs and baking experts who judged the dishes prepared by the contestants. (July 2013)
Wisconsin Public RadioWisconsin Public Radio
Appeared on The Larry Meiller Show in December 2012 and February 2013, talking about candy and answering listener questions.
 2.-Internet-Talk-Radio-Stations Business Talk Radio Network
Appeared on America’s Dining and Travel Guide with Pierre Wolfe, talking about candy and candy-making for the holidays. (February 2013)