This "box of chocolates"



Why give a box of chocolates when you can give a Box of Chocolates CAKE instead? This gorgeous cake has gourmet chocolates on top!

Start by baking a chocolate cake in a heart-shaped pan. Cover one layer of cake with strawberry buttercream and fresh strawberries.

Add a second cake on top, then cover the whole thing with buttercream. Chill until firm.

Cover the cake with red fondant and press it firmly onto the cake, molding it so it fits the shape.

Trim off any excess around the base of the cake, and remove it.

Place a thick strip of fondant around the edge of the cake, extending a bit over the top, and secure it to the cake.

To make the chocolate cups that go on the cake, spoon chocolate into a paper cupcake liner and brush it up the sides.

Let the chocolate set completely, then peel the paper away. Arrange the chocolate cups on top of the "box of chocolate" cake. 

Add truffles or bonbons in the chocolate cups to finish it off. Enjoy!