You won' believe how easy it is to make these gorgeous star lollipops at home! Enjoy them plain, or use them as edible decorations for Fourth of July desserts!

You will need:

- Red, white and blue hard candy -Silicone lollipop molds

Wash and dry the silicone molds, and insert your lollipop sticks.

Put the hard candies into the mold. You can push them together and stack them on top of each other, because they will melt down and fill any empty gaps.

Bake the lollipops at 350 F for about 10 minutes, until completely melted. Let them cool, then remove them from their molds.

You don't have to stick to clear candies - try it with solid striped candies, too!

The stripes will melt, leaving beautiful swirls of color!