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Welcome to SugarHero, fellow dessert lovers!  I’m Elizabeth–former pastry chef, current food writer and recipe developer, and Chief Sugar Officer here at SugarHero HQ.

Below is a little bit about my life, work, and very cute kid. (Kidding…but seriously though.) If this isn’t quite what you were looking for, you might want to check out my Contact page, FAQ page, or Press page. If you’re a brand representative wanting to partner with me, please see my Work With Me page.

Elizabeth LaBau

Welcome to my small and cluttered kitchen!

A Bit About My Work…

I started SugarHero in the fall of 2011, as a way to share my love of over-the-top desserts with the world. Prior to SugarHero, I had a much-neglected blog called Cake or Death. Some of the early entries have migrated over, so you may see some old references to Cake or Death, and you will definitely see some rough pictures and posts in the archives. Please be gentle…I was but a wee baby blogger back then.

I’m pro-butter, anti-cake mix, and firmly believe that desserts should be as gorgeous as they are delicious. Talk all you want about the pleasure of “rustic” desserts, but you will pry my luster dust and edible gold leaf from my cold dead hands. I love meeting new blogging friends and hearing from readers, so please come find me on FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle +, and Pinterest!

SugarHero isn’t my only internet writing gig! I’ve been the Candy Guide at About.com for seven years and counting. I have over a thousand candy recipes there, plus lots of photo tutorials and candy videos, with new content added every week. Please feel free to stop by the About.com Candy site to see what fun things I’ve been cooking lately!


My first cookbook, The Sweet Book of Candy Making, was published in 2012. You can read more about the cookbook and see sample pages here. It’s packed with color pictures and photo tutorials and troubleshooting sections, to help you make the best candy possible. Oh, and it’s available on Amazon, if you like that sort of thing. I’m trying to write a follow-up but it turns out books are harder to write with a toddler hanging off of your apron. Who knew?

In addition to the book and blog work, I do freelance food writing/blogging/photography for corporate blogs and publications. If you’re in the market for someone to craft recipes and blogs for your publication or company, or if you want your products to appear in a special recipe on my site, please check out my Work With Me Page, and send me an email (elizabeth@sugarhero.com) and we can talk!

A Bit About Me…

As a child, I never baked or had any interest in cooking–in fact, my parents still think it’s funny that I do this for a living! After graduating from college, I was bitten by the baking bug and attended culinary school, specializing in baking and patisserie.  I worked for years in a number of Los Angeles restaurants and bakeries. I loved making desserts every day, but I disliked the repetition of making the same recipes over and over again. So I hung up my chef’s jacket and dove into the world of freelance recipe development, food writing, and food photography.

Now I make my living developing candy & dessert recipes, writing for websites, and writing cookbooks. This basically means I’m a pajama-wearing workaholic with a persistently dirty kitchen, an overworked computer, and the world’s highest grocery bills. I feel so lucky to have this life and I love (almost) every minute of it.

Elizabeth LaBau | SugarHero.com

I’m married to Jason, who often makes cameo appearances in blog posts. He’s a writer and historian who Thinks Deep Thoughts for a living. He’s also an enthusiastic eater who loves everything I make, which is good for the ego but bad for recipe testing and quality control purposes. We have a son, Asher, who is a sweet-hearted rascal with his mom’s appetite for sugar.  He makes finding time for cooking, photography, and writing infinitely harder, but he also makes life in general infinitely better. It’s a fair trade.


People often ask if I eat everything I make. The answer is YES, absolutely! I have a huge sweet tooth, and to be honest, getting to eat my work is one of the biggest perks of the job! That being said, I try to keep my portions reasonable. Jason helps with dessert consumption, and we have a nice group of friends who have selflessly offered to take unwanted desserts off our hands. I hate wasting food and always try to find a good home for my creations.

My other great passion is trail running, so when I’m not in the kitchen or behind the camera, I can probably be found on one of the many beautiful trails in the mountains around Los Angeles. Being out in nature helps keep me sane and helps balance my fierce cookie addiction.

Elizabeth LaBauYes, those might be gummy worms in my mouth, and yes, that guy behind me might be judging me a little bit. I can’t say I blame him, though…


Thanks so much for stopping by SugarHero! If you’ve read all this and are now wondering, “But where’s the dang sugar?” allow me to suggest a few of my current favorite recipes. Many more can be found on my Recipe page. Happy baking!

Deep Fried S’mores.Mint Chocolate Chip Cake.Gooey Chocolate Cookies
Moon Pie Pie.Passion Fruit Bars.Snickers Cupcakes
Strawberry Pavlova.Caramel Shortbread.Nutella Crepe Cake


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