I never knew I hated my mixer’s old blade…until I tried a Beater Blade. This clever tool has silicone edges that scrape the sides of the bowl while you mix, eliminated the need for stopping and scraping down the bowl continuously. It saves lots of time (and sanity!) and is a necessity for anyone who uses their KitchenAid mixer frequently.

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The Original Beater Blade by New Metro Design is an electric mixer attachment which thoroughly mixes batter, eliminating the need to stop and scrape the bowl manually and is engineered for use with most KitchenAid, 4.5 quart and 5 quart tilt head mixers. The new Beater Blade beats, scrapes, folds and incorporates ingredients thoroughly for fool-proof baking. The Beater Blade ingeniously improves on the functionality of standard V-shaped beaters offered with high-end stand mixers by crafting a high-quality, enhanced blade that includes a flexible rubber wing down the entire length of both sides of the blade. The durable, food-grade edging simulates the action of a powerful spatula to gently, yet thoroughly scrape the bowl clean. The wing-system design acts like a wiper blade that continuously scrapes sides and bottom of bowl while it mixes virtually eliminating hand-scraping and batter build-up on the blade. BeaterBlade’s state-of-the-art design continuously and automatically scrapes batters during mixing, which can speed up the process by as much as 50 percent. By eliminating the need to turn off and on the mixer to scrape the bowl, Beater Blade reduces wear of the motor of the mixer, as well. New Metro Design’s Beater Blade excels in a full range of mixing applications, including creaming butter, sugar and eggs to fluffy perfection, and preparing frostings and pastry creams quickly and easily. Model The KA-THR fits both the 4.5 qt and the 5 qt. Kitchen Aid Tilt Head mixers. This mixer is not compatible with all Costco and Sams Club KitchenAid Mixers.