Homemade Ingredient Recipes

Make your own baking ingredients for better flavor and quality! Browse our collection of recipes for homemade sugars, simple syrups, extracts, and other DIY baking basics.

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Kitchen Ingredient Guides

Learn about essential baking ingredients to stock in your pantry, as well as the best ways to select, use, and store them.

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The Complete Guide to Baking Pantry Essentials

Demystify baking ingredients and learn how to use them for successful baked goods every time!

Here you’ll find useful guides explaining the staple ingredients to stock in your pantry for all kinds of home baking. We cover the differences between types of flours, the best uses for various sugars and sweeteners, how leaveners work, must-have flavorings and extracts, and more. Learn how to make your own versions of common pantry ingredients too.

Whether you’re a novice baker or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to discover helpful info about ingredients that will improve your homemade baked goods. Browse our articles to learn how to select, store, and use baking ingredients for successful results every time!

Pouring lavender simple syrup from a measuring cup into a glass jar.
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Helpful Kitchen Tools

Having the proper tools can make all the difference when it comes to baking and making your own ingredients. The right equipment allows you to efficiently and consistently measure, mix, prepare, and decorate your homemade desserts and baking ingredients. Here are some of our top equipment recommendations for making and storing your own homemade baking ingredients.

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