Swoon-Worthy Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is for lovers…cupcake lovers, that is! The holiday that celebrates all things cupid and hearts is custom-made for some cute and easy desserts. So get ready to whip up some sweet treats (and satisfy your own sweet tooth) with these adorable Valentine’s Day cupcakes. It’ll be love at first bite!

This collection has something for everyone: fluffy chocolate cupcakes, lemon cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes, moist red velvet cupcakes. raspberry chocolate cupcakes, mini cupcakes, even rosé and pink champagne cupcakes!

Homemade cupcakes are great for a Valentine’s Day party, and they also make the perfect gift for friends, family, and teachers. From simple cupcakes you can whip up at the last minute made with cake mix, to more complex and fancy recipes, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with one of these delicious cupcakes.

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Rosette Cupcakes

Rosettes are one of the easiest buttercream decorations to make, and also one of the prettiest! Here's everything you need to know to create beautiful rosette cupcakes.
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A Rosette Cupcake on a white surface.
Close-up of cupcake with white buttercream, pink and red sprinkles, and a large chocolate heart on top.

Swirled Chocolate Heart Cupcakes

These Valentine’s Day cupcakes, topped with swirled chocolate heart toppers, will win YOUR heart! Make easy swirled chocolate bark out of your favorite candy melt colors, then cut out heart shapes to make cute & easy cupcake toppers.
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Chocolate Flower Cupcakes

Your valentine will love a bouquet of these Chocolate Flower Cupcakes! They feature a delicious lemon cupcake, fluffy coconut frosting, and easy but beautiful edible chocolate flowers on top.
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Close up of a blue chocolate flower cupcake sitting on a pink and purple doily.
Close up of cupcake with white ruffled frosting and pink fondant flowers.

Fondant Rose Cupcakes

These cupcakes are topped with mini fondant ribbon roses, sweet little flowers that are super easy and fast to make. These easy fondant flowers add the perfect romantic touch to any dessert.
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Sprinkle Heart Cupcakes

Sprinkle Heart Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Use this easy cupcake decorating hack to make cute, customized, sprinkle-covered cupcakes in no time!
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Close up of a Sprinkle Heart Cupcake with a red heart.
A chocolate cupcake with swirled frosting and a white chocolate rose on top.

Chocolate Rose Cupcakes

Romantic Chocolate Rose Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for Valentine's Day, or any special occasion! Learn how to make these lifelike roses out of modeling chocolate.
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Lemon Meringue Teacup Cakes

These delicious Lemon Meringue Teacup Cakes are baked right in real teacups! They make an elegant, memorable dessert that's perfect for special occasions like Valentine's Day.
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Lemon Meringue Teacup Cakes
Close up of an Earl Grey Lavender Cupcake next to a broch and pearls.

Earl Grey Lavender Cupcakes

These Earl Grey Lavender Cupcakes start with a moist cake batter, infused with Earl Grey and lavender flavor. The tea is steeped in the milk that goes into the batter, so it’s still a light flavor, not too overpowering or assertive.
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Rosewater Cupcakes

These easy vegan Rosewater Cupcakes are soft, delicate, floral and so unique! Made with rosewater and a simple rose and vanilla buttercream!
(via beplantwell.com)
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Vanilla cupcake with swirled pink frosting and purple rose petals on top.
Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes on a white surface, with a red candy heart on top.

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes are a 2-bite, sweet and delicious miniature version of classic red velvet cupcakes. These cuties are topped with a simple Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting and are perfect for any occasion.
(via deliciouslittlebites.com)
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Rosé Cupcakes

These Rosé Cupcakes are made with rosé wine and topped with dried rose petals for the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert!
(via Barley and Sage)
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Rosé Cupcake on a small white cupcake stand, with a bottle and glass of Rosé in the background.
Close-up of a vanilla cupcake with a pink cake heart embedded in the center.

Love Heart Cupcakes

These fluffy vanilla Love Heart Cupcakes have a surprise inside a delicate pink heart, baked right into the center! They look complicated, but it’s surprisingly easy to pull off this baking trick.
(via bakedbyclo.com)
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Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

These Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes are decadent and moist, made with fresh cherries. Cherry lovers will go crazy chocolate cupcakes filled with a sweet cherry filling and topped with a bakery-style vanilla frosting.
(via veenaazmanov.com)
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Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes with big swirls of white frosting, cherry sauce, and fresh cherries on top.
Close up of a few few Nutella Cupcakes on a white surface next to hazelnuts.

Best Nutella Cupcakes

If your Valentine loves Nutella, then these cupcakes are for you! Nutella Cupcakes start with chocolate hazelnut cupcakes that are filled with Nutella and topped with creamy Nutella buttercream and crunchy chopped hazelnuts!
(via richanddelish.com)
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Rose Raspberry Lychee Cupcakes

These Rose Lychee Raspberry Cupcakes are delicately flavored with rose water and fresh lychee. You will fall in love with the the lightly sweetened rose and raspberry buttercream!
(via siftandsimmer.com)
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Single Rose Lychee Raspberry Cupcake on a white cake plate and cut to show inside heart-shape.
Close up of a Death by Chocolate Cupcake with a wedge of chocolate on top.

Death by Chocolate

Show your Valentine the depth of your love! These beautiful Death by Chocolate Cupcakes have a dark chocolate cupcake base filled with dark chocolate ganache and is topped with the deepest, darkest chocolate cream cheese frosting you’ve ever tasted.
(via livetosweet.com)
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White Russian Cupcakes

White Russian Cupcakes are a fabulous idea for a grown up Valentine’s Day! These lovely vodka cupcakes are topped with a vodka laden frosting that make a perfect ending to a perfect night
(via christinascucina.com)
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Close up of a White Russian Cupcake swirled with buttercream.

Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes with Mocha Buttercream

These dark and decadent Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes are topped with a luscious Mocha Buttercream frosting and are hiding a delicious chocolate truffle inside for a special Valentine’s treat!
(via christinascucina.com)
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Strawberry Crunch Cupcakes

This easy recipe for moist homemade Strawberry Crunch Cupcakes is going to become your new favorite! Flavorful vanilla cupcakes with a simple cream cheese frosting and a fruity strawberry crunch topping.
(via spatuladesserts)
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Close up of Strawberry Crunch Cupcake decorated with a vanilla cookie and strawberry.
Several Black Forest Cupcakes on a white surface next to cherries and chocolate.

Black Forest Cupcakes

These Black Forest Cupcakes have a moist chocolate base, homemade cherry filling with Kirsch, and a light whipped cream topping. The perfect decadent, chocolate dessert for Valentine’s Day.
(via barleyandsage.com)
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Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes

These easy Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes come together in a snap. They have a delicious swirl of raspberry buttercream frosting in a cute natural pink that is perfect for Valentine’s Day!
(via sweetmouthjoy.com)
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Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes sitting on a black cooling rack next to fresh raspberries.
Single Strawberry Filled Cupcake on a white plate cut in half to show interior.
These Strawberry Filled Cupcakes are soft and fluffy vanilla bean cupcakes with homemade honey-strawberry filling and topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting.
(via livetosweet.com)
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These swoon-worthy Biscoff Cupcakes have a super light and fluffy crumb. They are topped with a luscious Biscoff Cream Cheese Frosting, Cookie Butter Drizzle and Speculoos Cookies.
(via abakingjourney.com)
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Close up of a Biscoff Cupcake on an overturned white bowl.
A single Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake in a hot pink wrapper and topped with a chocolate heart.

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Rich, moist Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes are filled with raspberry jam and topped with an easy-to-make chocolate ganache frosting. These Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes are perfect for all occasions, especially Valentine’s Day!
(via deliciouslittlebites.com)
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Small Batch Turtle Cupcakes

These deeply chocolatey Turtle Cupcakes have a sweet caramel frosting garnished with toasted pecans, chocolate chips and a bit of caramel drizzle! Perfect for a small Valentine’s celebration.
(via garlicandzest.com)
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Close up of a Turtle Cupcake on a wooden surface.
7 Champagne Cupcakes on a pink plate.

Champagne Cupcakes

These beautiful Champagne Cupcakes are rich, moist and full of champagne flavor. They are topped with a luscious champagne buttercream, and some gold sprinkles to make them extra special to share with someone you love!
(via littlesweetbaker.com)
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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes

These cupcakes are an easy treat for your sweetheart. Dark chocolate cupcakes, with dark chocolate frosting, fun Valentine sprinkles, and a Lindor truffle center.
(via atablefullofjoy.com)
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Close up of a Valentine’s Day Chocolate Truffle Cupcake.
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