Looking for Easter dessert inspiration? We’ve rounded up over 35 of our favorite Easter cake recipes, dessert ideas, and decorating inspiration, to make your Easter celebration extra-sweet.

These delicious cake recipes include all kinds of classic Easter cake ideas, like Easter bunny cakes, Easter egg cakes, flower cakes, lamb cakes, and much more – you’re guaranteed to find a cake you love!

Easter Nest Cake

This Easter Nest Cake is a cute and easy Easter dessert recipe! It’s baked right in a bowl–no special pan required–and is decorated with chocolate frosting to look like a sweet little bird’s nest, complete with your favorite Easter egg candies.
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Close up of Easter Nest Cake on a green cake stand surrounded by greenery.
Sugar Easter Egg Cake on a white cake platter.

Sugar Easter Egg Cake

Looking for a knockout Easter cake? Try this Sugar Easter Egg Cake! The look is based on old-fashioned panoramic sugar eggs, but it's made out of CAKE! And unlike those classic sugar eggs, this dessert is entirely edible! It's a showstopping way to end an Easter feast.
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Chocolate Easter Bunny Cake

It just wouldn’t be Easter without at least one adorable bunny-themed treat, and this Chocolate Easter Bunny Cake delivers! Moist chocolate cake, smooth buttercream, and lots of mini fondant decorations on top make this bunny cake a favorite the whole family will love.
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A Chocolate Easter Bunny Cake on a small white cake plate.
Layer cake covered with white buttercream and colored sprinkles.

Easter Polka Dot Cake

This Easter Polka Dot Cake is a lemon cake with coconut frosting and lots of cheerful polka dots both outside AND inside the cake! Just combine a few simple steps and you'll end up with this beautifully whimsical cake.
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Easter Egg Petit Fours

Make the Easter bunny jealous with these Easter Egg Petit Fours! They’re gorgeous mini cakes filled with raspberry and tangerine flavors, and decorated with a pretty speckled glaze in pastel colors.  
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Selection of pastel Easter Egg Petit Fours next to raffia and Easter candy.
Top view of a decorated Strawberry Swirl Bundt Cake.

Strawberry Swirl Bundt Cake

Looking for the perfect bundt cake? Try this Strawberry Swirl Bundt Cake – a moist vanilla cake with a strawberry swirl inside, topped with fresh berries and beautiful buttercream flowers! This is a gorgeous choice for Easter brunch or dessert.
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Easter Push-Up Pops

These Push-Up Pops are perfect for Easter! Chocolate cake, frosting, and chocolate rocks are layered in push pop containers, then topped with adorable chocolate bunny ears, carrots, and bunny butts.
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Two push-up pops filled with chocolate cake and topped with bunny ears and a chocolate carrot.
The side of a Spring In Bloom Layer Cake.

Spring In Bloom Layer Cake

This Spring In Bloom Layer Cake is an extra-tall spring cake COVERED with gorgeous buttercream flowers! It’s filled with lemon curd and raspberry jam, and bursting with bright and colorful buttercream blooms. It looks and tastes like spring! 
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Hydrangea Cakes

These Hydrangea Cakes are gorgeous miniature cakes that look like hydrangea flowers! You’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to make the pretty, colorful blossom design on the outside. The inside is beautiful, too, with swirls of multicolored cake!
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Close up of a multicolored Hydrangea Cake.
Close up of a Radiant Orchid Mini Cake with orchid petals.

Radiant Orchid Mini Cakes

Radiant Orchid Mini Cakes have layers of vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, and fresh blackberries in the center. They are vivid, cheerful, and playful – just like dessert should be!
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Painted Flower Cake

Delicate painted buttercream flowers are perfect for Easter! This easy cake painting tutorial shows you how to hand paint beautiful floral art onto a cake using buttercream frosting, food coloring, palette knives, and paint brushes.
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White layer cake with buttercream flowers painted on the sides.
Chocolate loaf cake with green buttercream grass and Easter egg candies on top.

Easter Loaf Cake

This Easter Loaf Cake is so much fun. The chocolate sponge is rich and tender, while the vanilla buttercream grass, fondant bunny butt, icing carrots and crunchy Mini Eggs come together to make the perfect spring scene.
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Surprise Easter Bunny Cake

Regular pound cakes just can’t compete with this clever Easter version. This Surprise Easter Bunny Cake has a blue velvet bunny nested inside a flavorful lemon cake. It’s surprise fun for everyone!
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Pound cake covered with pink fondant with a blue bunny baked inside.
Layer cake with speckled light green frosting and Easter egg candies, egg shells, and yellow flowers on top.

Speckled White Chocolate Easter Cake

Speckled egg cakes are an Easter classic, and this Speckled White Chocolate Easter Cake is perfection! A white chocolate layer cake is decorated with delicate green peppermint buttercream. The best part? It’s topped with mini eggs, flowers, and decorative egg shells.
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Vegan Creme Egg Cheesecake

This delicious no-bake Vegan Creme Egg Cheesecake pulls out all the stops! With a creamy tangy dairy-free vanilla filling on a cookie crust, stuffed with butterscotch sauce and topped with homemade vegan creme eggs.
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Cheesecake with creme eggs on top on a white plate.
Carrot loaf cake slice with a white bunny baked inside.

Cutest Easter Carrot Cake

This is the Cutest Easter Carrot Cake! This moist cake, made in a loaf pan, will amaze your family and friends with a hidden bunny in each slice!
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Easter Bunny Sheet Cake

This cute bunny cake is super simple to decorate using a template. If you can pipe a frosting star, you can make this cake!
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Sheet cake decorated with a pink and white Easter bunny on a white cake board.
Yellow layer cake with chocolate drip, buttercream swirls, and mini eggs on top.

Mini Egg Easter Drip Cake

This Mini Egg Easter Drip Cake is just what you need to bring family and friends together this Easter! A beautiful buttercream cake is decorated with a chocolate drip, buttercream swirls, and Cadbury mini eggs.
(via simshomekitchen)
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Speckled Easter Cake with Ruby Chocolate

This Speckled Egg Cake features sponge cake with layers of strawberry compote and ruby chocolate whipped ganache frosting. It’s topped with a beautiful chocolate nest that’s filled with egg-shaped candy!
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Pink layer cake with chocolate speckles and a chocolate nest on top filled with Easter candy.
Mini layer cakes in pastel colors with jam in between the layers, and blue buttercream swirled on top.

Easter Mini Layer Cakes

Easter Mini Layer Cakes are made from a box mix and a jar of jam. They are delicious, pretty, and easy to make with included step-by-step instructions.
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Easter Lamb Cake

This tried and true Easter Lamb Cake recipe has been passed down for generations. The rich and buttery pound cake recipe is paired with a sweet frosting that has a hint of orange.
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Lamb cake covered in flaked coconut against a purple background.
Green layer cake topped with edible Easter grass and a chocolate Easter bunny.

Easter Piñata Cake

This Easter Piñata Cake has a surprise inside and is super easy to make. People will be mystified how you did it! It’s a box mix hack so any type of cake can be used (regular, gluten-free, allergy-friendly, etc)!
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Mini Egg Cake

This Mini Egg Cake is for serious Cadbury mini egg lovers. Soft milk chocolate cake layers are covered with mini egg buttercream and covered with chocolate drip, bright confetti sprinkles and more mini eggs!
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Layer cake with chocolate drip, confetti sprinkles, and pink buttercream swirls on top.
Top view of a Coconut Easter Cake for Easter Cake round up.

Easter Coconut Cake

Decorating an Easter cake doesn’t have to be difficult. This Coconut Cake has spongy layers of coconut flavored cake and mascarpone buttercream. I’ll provide you with a few basic decorating tips to help you create a beautiful holiday cake!
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Surprise Easter Bunny Cake

This Neapolitan Cake is a three-layer queen! It has the traditional flavors of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla bean, and is covered in graham bunnies. It’s an Easter crowd pleaser!
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Side view of a Neapolitan Cake with Bunnies for Easter Cake round up.
Top view of a Swirled Mini Egg Cheesecake for Easter Cake round up.

Swirled Mini Egg Cheesecake

This creamy no-bake Swirled Mini Egg Cheesecake is a simple cake with a colorful cheesecake filling, and a graham cracker crust packed with mini chocolate eggs. The top is decorated with an easy-to-make rich, chocolatey nest!
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Tall Easter Layer Cake (With peeps inside!)

This Tall Easter Layer Cake gets its height from layers of spongy homemade yellow cake, sweet almond buttercream, and surprise peeps inside. Decorate the sides of the cake with blue speckles, then top it all off with candy eggs for a deliciously cute holiday indulgence!
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Close up of the top of a Tall Easter Cake with Peeps inside for Easter Cake round up.
Top view of a Chocolate Bunny Bundt Cake for Easter Cake round up.

Chocolate Bunny Bundt Cake

This rich, dense Chocolate Bunny Bundt Cake is a gorgeous addition to your Easter dessert table. Thrill your Easter guests by topping it with adorable chocolate bunnies.
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Multi-Colored Easter Peeps Cake

A fun and beautiful Multi-Colored Easter Peeps Cake is so easy to make when the decorations are made out of candy! It has vibrant multi-colored layers and an Easter theme; it’s perfect for holiday celebrations this spring.
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Multi-Colored Easter Peep Cake for Easter Cake round up.
Top view of an Egg-Shaped Easter Cheesecake for Easter Cake round up.

Egg-Shaped Chocolate Easter Cheesecake

Why have plain cheesecake when you can have an Egg-Shaped Easter Cheesecake?! Half of a large chocolate Easter egg is filled with creamy chocolate cheesecake filling that hides a crumbly cookie base below. Drizzle chocolate on top and it’s heavenly!
(via amummytoo)
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Old Fashioned Carrot Cake with Pineapple

This Old Fashioned Carrot Cake with Pineapple is guaranteed to be the best carrot cake you’ve ever made! It’s a super moist carrot cake with pineapple, coconut and walnuts. Bake as a delicious layer cake, bundt cake, or even carrot cake cupcakes.
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Close up of a 3 tier Old Fashioned Carrot Cake for Easter Cake round up.
Close up of an Easter Bunny Poke Cake for Easter Cake round up.

Easter Bunny Poke Cake

Love poke cakes? You’ve gotta try this Easter version! It’s poked with flavorful Jell-O, topped with a fun whipped “grass” frosting and decorated with bunny Peeps and jelly beans or chocolate eggs. A fun, flavorful Easter cake!
(via thecountrycook)
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Bunny-Shaped Easter Carrot Cake

This Bunny-Shaped Easter Carrot Cake will be the showstopper cake on your Easter table. This carrot cake starts with a simple sheet cake, topped with fluffy cream cheese mousse frosting shaped into a super cute bunny head – no special mold needed!
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Close up of an Easter Bunny Carrot Cake for Easter Cake round up.
Close up of a Mini Egg Cake Roll for Easter Cake round up.

Easter Cake Roll

This Easter Cake Roll is a sweet and delicious Easter cake filled with a surprise sprinkling of mini egg chocolate candies! Make this bright and festive Easter cake in just 30 minutes by using a strawberry boxed cake mix as your base.
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Lemon Easter Cake with Zesty Cream Cheese Frosting

This easy Lemon Easter Cake with Zesty Cream Cheese Frosting is the perfect dessert to enjoy after Easter dinner. Made with lots of fresh lemons and decorated with fresh flowers and Easter bunnies – it is both delicious and oh-so-pretty.
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Lemon Easter Cake on a white cake platter next to candles for Easter Cake round up
Slice of Easter Egg Cheesecake for Easter cake round up.

White Chocolate Easter Egg Cheesecake

When it comes to sweet treats, they just don’t get any better than a White Chocolate Easter Egg Cheesecake. Just imagine… scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate mixed into a delectable cream cheese filling, spooned on top of a buttery Oreo base and topped with delicious filled Easter eggs.
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