25 Best Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes

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One of the best parts of winter is getting to drink LOTS of hot chocolate! There is absolutely nothing better than a mug of delicious, rich and creamy hot chocolate…unless it’s gourmet hot chocolate with unique flavors, bold toppings and new techniques! Need a homemade hot chocolate recipe for a crowd or a special drink for an intimate gathering? You’ve come to the right place — we’ve got all the hot chocolate recipes & ideas you could want.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

This Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe is made the old-fashioned way, with real melted chocolate for a rich texture and deep chocolate flavor. The bright minty flavor makes this the perfect holiday drink.
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Peppermint Hot Chocolate in a glass mug with cocoa whipped cream on top.
Orange Hot Chocolate | From SugarHero.com

Orange Hot Chocolate

This Orange Hot Chocolate is a rich, creamy homemade hot chocolate with a vibrant orange flavor! Real orange rind is used to make this hot chocolate, so the citrus taste is fresh and authentic.
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Strawberry Hot Chocolate

If you like chocolate-dipped strawberries, you'll love this strawberry hot chocolate recipe! It's a rich and creamy homemade hot chocolate with real strawberries blended right in.
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Strawberry hot chocolate in a floral mug with whipped cream and sliced strawberries on top.

Raspberry White Hot Chocolate

This warm, comforting drink is made with real raspberry puree and white chocolate. It’s beautiful, delicious, and tastes like melted berries & cream ice cream!
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Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

This easy Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate is the perfect hot chocolate recipe for a crowd! It’s super rich and creamy, comes together quickly in the Crock-Pot, and uses ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.
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Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate in a glass mug with mini marshmallows on top
Close up of a mug of Crème Brulee White Hot Chocolate.

Creme Brulee White Hot Chocolate

This rich, creamy hot chocolate, topped with crunchy caramel, tastes like crème brulee in liquid form! It's flavored with delicate white chocolate, a hint of brown sugar, and a whole lot of vanilla bean paste. 
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Nutella Hot Chocolate

This Nutella Hot Chocolate is a rich, indulgent sipping chocolate with Nutella mixed right in! It’s perfect on its own, or topped with whipped cream and toasted hazelnuts. 
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Nutella Hot Chocolate | From SugarHero.com

Cherry Hot Chocolate

Cherry Hot Chocolate is a thick, rich homemade hot chocolate that tastes like a cherry cordial! 
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Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Make your own salted caramel hot chocolate at home! Salted caramel is the base for this thick homemade hot chocolate. It’s incredibly rich and indulgent!
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2 glasses of Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen hot chocolate is so easy, and so delicious! Use ice cream and chilled hot chocolate to make this soft-serve treat. Vanilla ice cream is always a hit, but you could substitute coffee, chocolate, or hazelnut ice cream instead.
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Lavender Hot Chocolate

Lavender Hot Chocolate is a delicious homemade hot chocolate recipe with the delicate taste of lavender throughout!
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Close up of a white mug of Lavender Hot Chocolate.
Cup of Cinnamon Bun White Hot Chocolate on a small white plate.

Cinnamon Bun White Hot Chocolate

This Cinnamon Bun White Hot Chocolate is an unbelievable mix of white chocolate, lots of cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla, candied pecans, whipped cream, and if you are feeling a little crazy – caramel drizzle! Yes, please!
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Hot Chocolate Floats

Hot chocolate has never tasted so good! Regular hot chocolate gets an upgrade by adding ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and other gourmet toppings.
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Close up of 3 Hot Chocolate Floats.
Mug of Hazelnut White Hot Chocolate with cookies in the background.

Hazelnut White Hot Chocolate

This Hazelnut White Hot Chocolate starts out with toasted hazelnuts steeped in milk and finished with the combo of cream and white chocolate to make a super rich and smooth treat with a great nutty flavor. Sounds heart and body warming just thinking about it!
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Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

Creamy, dreamy, rich and smooth Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate. Made with real chocolate and topped with toasted coconut!
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Side view of a mug of Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate next to sugared cranberries and orange slices.
Mug of thick and creamy French Hot Chocolate on a marble surface.

French Hot Chocolate (Le Chocolate Chaud)

This French Hot Chocolate is easy to make, silky, and rich in chocolate flavor. You will only need 10 minutes to make this Parisian-style hot chocolate and a few simple ingredients.
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Snickerdoodle White Hot Chocolate

This Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate is a delicious twist on your standard hot chocolate. It's spiced with cinnamon sugar and perfect for cookie dunking!
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Side view of a clear mug of Snickerdoodle White Hot Chocolate next to a piece of white chocolate and cedar.
Overhead view of Boozy Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate surrounded with sprinkled mini peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Boozy Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Boozy Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate is a fun, rich and decadent adult take on a classic hot chocolate!
(via katethebaker)
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Coffee Hot Chocolate

This creamy Coffee Hot Chocolate is made with real chocolate, instant coffee and topped with a delicious homemade coffee whipped cream. Caffeinated hot chocolate is the perfect drink to start off your day!
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Top view of Coffee Hot Chocolate embellished with coffee whipped cream and coffee beans.
Cup of Matcha Peppermint White Hot Chocolate on a wooden cutting board with white lights in the background.

Matcha Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

Matcha Peppermint White Hot Chocolate is a fun and festive way to enjoy matcha green tea and milky white chocolate, spiked with refreshing peppermint.
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Whipped Hot Chocolate

Trendy Whipped Hot Chocolate is a delicious treat kids of all ages (and adults) will love! We’re talking clouds of fluffy, mousse style chocolate on top of warm hot cocoa. Yes please!
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Top view of Whipped Hot Chocolate on a blue background and surrounded by chocolate and marshmallows.
Tall glass of White Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles on top.

White Hot Chocolate

This White Hot Chocolate is creamy, smooth and comforting. It's also super simple to make with only 4 ingredients!
(via gimmethatflavor)
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Oreo Hot Chocolate

This Oreo Hot Chocolate is a Dunkin' Donuts copycat that is better than the original! A thick, creamy, rich hot chocolate that tastes like pure Oreos — A must-have winter drink for cookies 'n' cream lovers.
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Top view of a cup of Oreo Hot Chocolate with lots of whipped cream and crushed Oreos.
Cup of of Rich and Creamy Homemade Hot Chocolate embellished with marshmallows and drizzled chocolate syrup next to pine cones.

Rich and Creamy Homemade Hot Chocolate

This Rich and Creamy Homemade Hot Chocolate is made with generous amounts of semisweet and bittersweet chocolate. It's finished with whipped cream, marshmallows, and drizzled chocolate syrup!
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Chocolate Chai Latte

This Chocolate Chai Latte is super creamy and warming! It's the perfect cozy spiced drink with its aromatic blend of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom!
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Cup of Chocolate Chai Latte on a white plate with an inserted cinnamon stick.
Six photo collage of hot chocolate pictures with text overlay.
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