🌈 Creative Rainbow Dessert Recipes and Ideas to Brighten Your Day

This collection of bright and cheerful rainbow dessert recipes, ideas, and pictures is sure to make you smile! You’ll find colorful recipes for all of your favorite rainbow sweets – including rainbow cakes, rainbow frosting, rainbow cupcakes, and more!

Rainbow Cake with Rainbow Frosting

This gorgeous rainbow-topped cake has a surprise inside! Underneath the fluffy white cloud-like frosting are bright stripes of rainbow buttercream frosting. Make it for a special birthday, party, or St. Patrick’s Day!
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Rainbow cake with a rainbow cake topper, cut open to reveal stripes of rainbow buttercream inside.
Gold-Topped Rainbow Cake on a white cake stand in front of colorful bunting in the background.

Gold-Topped Rainbow Cake

If you’re looking for an over-the-top celebration cake, this Gold-Topped Rainbow Cake is for you! It features eight layers of lemon cake, seven layers of rainbow frosting, and one incredible assortment of edible golden goodies on top.
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Rainbow Mousse Cake

This Rainbow Mousse Cake has seven gorgeous layers of cake and mousse in vibrant, fruity flavors. This rainbow cake recipe is perfect for any party or celebration!
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Rainbow Mousse Cake on a white cake stand with colorful lollipops and sprinkles around it.
Single Pot of Gold St. Patrick's Day Cake Cup on a white cupcake stand in front of a blue background.

Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Cake Cups

Pot of Gold Cake Cups are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, or anytime you need a little rainbow magic in your life! These dessert cups are served in mini black kettles, filled with cake cubes and frosting, and decorated with gold sprinkles and buttercream rainbows.
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Buttercream Rainbows

Those Pot of Gold Cupcakes above are rocking the ultimate edible accessory – 3-D Buttercream Rainbows! These fun frosting rainbow toppers are surprisingly easy to make, and they look SO fun on top of cakes and cupcakes!
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Close up of a Buttercream Rainbow.
Cupcake with colorful rainbow icing and a piping bag next to it

Rainbow Swirl Frosting

Like rainbow desserts? Then you will LOVE this colorful rainbow frosting for cakes and cupcakes! This decorating trick is gorgeous, and super easy to do–you can make this bright buttercream icing in under 10 minutes.
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Fondant Rainbow

Want to make a rainbow cake? Then you might want a rainbow cake topper as well! This homemade fondant decoration is easy, bright, colorful, and so fun!
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Fondant Rainbow Cake Topper on white frosting in front of a blue cloud background.
Striped Buttercream Balloon Cake on a white cake stand in front of a polka dot background.

Striped Buttercream Balloon Cake

Is there anything more fun than buttercream stripes?! For this Striped Buttercream Balloon Cake, we paired buttercream stripes with candy balloon lollipops, for the ultimate colorful birthday cake!
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Homemade Rainbow Ice Cream

If you need a cold sweet treat, try this fun rainbow ice cream. Homemade, no-churn, vanilla-flavored ice cream with swirls of neon color!
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Ice cream cone with two scoops of brightly colored rainbow ice cream on top.
Close up of a Unicorn Milkshake.

Unicorn Milkshakes

These Unicorn Milkshakes are pure MAGIC! A rich, thick strawberry milkshake is topped with a rainbow of different sprinkles and candies to make a delicious drink fit for a unicorn. 
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Birthday Present Mini Cakes

These cute mini layer cakes are decorated with fruit roll-up pom-poms on top to look like mini gifts! They're perfect as a birthday cake recipe, or for any party or celebration.
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White rectangular cake with candy polka dots and lit birthday candles on top.
Vanilla cupcake with a bite taken out of it, showing sprinkles and candies hidden inside.

Fun Piñata Cupcakes

This Piñata Cupcake recipe is SO FUN! Pack these delicious homemade vanilla cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles and watch them spill out when you take a bite.
(via littlesunnykitchen.com)
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Colorful Unicorn Cakes

These cute mini layer cakes are decorated with fruit roll-up pom-poms on top to look like mini gifts! They're perfect as a birthday cake recipe, or for any party or celebration.
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Unicorn Cakes | From SugarHero.com
Overhead shot of rainbow doughnuts with swirled pastel frosting and sprinkles.

Unicorn Rainbow Donuts

Soft, perfectly sweet with a hint of citrus flavor, these Mini Unicorn Rainbow Donuts are colorful and gorgeous inside and out, with a swirled rainbow dough of different colors and a dreamy pastel glaze.
(via theflavorbender.com)
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Rainbow S’mores Dip

This rainbow s’mores dip is everyone’s favorite! It’s super-crazy delicious, colorful, EASY to make, and needs only a few ingredients. This will be your family's new favorite colorful dessert! You could even shake it up by using white chocolate instead of the typical semi-sweet.
(via thedecoratedcookie.com)
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Square glass pan with puffed marshmallows in rainbow colors with graham crackers around.
Rainbow striped swiss cake roll cut open.

Rainbow Swiss Roll

This Rainbow Swiss Roll Cake is the ultimate colorful rainbow dessert! It's vibrantly beautiful, and has a light, soft texture. An easy and foolproof recipe to celebrate everything rainbow colored and spirited.
(via theflavorbender.com)
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Pastel Rainbow Gelatin Cups

Looking for an easy spring dessert? These Pastel Rainbow Gelatin Cups are simple, kid-friendly, and so beautiful! Serve them plain, or top them with whipped cream and sprinkles! 
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Assortment of rainbow gelatin cups in clear glass.
Close-up of rainbow cupcake with frosting and a rainbow candy strip on top.

Rainbow-Topped Cupcakes

Turn a box of cake mix and some food coloring to create rainbow colored batter for these easy rainbow cupcakes, complete with a candy rainbow on top!
(via crayonsandcravings.com)
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Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Cut into this Rainbow Unicorn Cake to reveal a swirl of brightly colored cake hiding inside. It's the perfect cake for birthday parties and pride month celebrations.
(via hungryhappenings.com)
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Cute unicorn cake frosted with buttercream with a rainbow tail and mane.
Three Rainbow Cake Push-Up Pops in front of a white background with striped straws sticking out.

Rainbow Cake Push-Up Pops

Rainbow Cake Push-Up Pops are bright, cheerful, and a fun twist on the usual cake and buttercream! Layers of rainbow cake and vanilla frosting are served in push-up pop containers. They're small, single-serving, and portable, perfect for parties!
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Fairy Bread Lamingtons

These rainbow fairy bread lamingtons are the ultimate marriage between two classic desserts. Perfect for any day you need some sunshine and sprinkles in your life!
(via aussiehomecook.com)
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Fairy Bread Lamington on a white plate with a bite taken out of it.
Overhead shot of a bowl of swirled rainbow dessert dip surrounded by fruit.

Rainbow Fruit Dip

Rainbow Fruit Dip – A gorgeous pink lemonade rainbow swirl dip that pairs perfectly with fresh fruit or graham crackers. Serve it in a small bowl for individual dips, or one big bowl for a party.
(via bitzngiggles.com)
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Rainbow Cupcakes

Celebrate any special occasion with these Rainbow Cupcakes that are filled with vibrant colors. Light, buttery, and moist, these colorful cupcakes have a delicious vanilla flavor.
(via lifebeginswithdessert.com)
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Rainbow cupcakes with buttercream frosting and rainbow jimmies on top.
Colorful pastel truffles shaped like eggs in a woven Easter basket.

Marbled Easter Egg Truffles

Marbled Easter Egg Truffles are a delicious homemade Easter egg candy! White chocolate truffles are coated with a marbled swirl of pastel colors to make these gorgeous, egg-shaped treats.
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Twelve-photo collage of various rainbow desserts with text overlay for Pinterest.

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