Salted Honey Walnut Bars

Are you on board the salted honey train? Thinking about hopping off? In the dining car, reading a newspaper and looking dapper? Or are you in favor of salted honey but tired of tortured food metaphors? Whatever your position on the salted honey trend, I hope you’re open to one more variation on the theme. You won’t be sorry–it’s a good one!

Salted Honey Walnut Bars | From

Inspired by the ubiquitous Salty Honey Pie from the Four and Twenty Blackbirds cookbook that has been whirling around food blogs for the last year, I decided to tackle my own salted honey dessert. If you haven’t seen the pie, it’s basically a single-crust pie with a filling of pure honey custard, enlivened with a little (actually, a lot) of salt. I’ve seen a lot of delicious-looking versions, and while I admit I’m a little curious to try it out, I also think that a pure slice of honey on a plate sounds too intense for me.

Salted Honey Walnut Bars | From

Beyond Truffles: Four Fantastic Ways to Use Ganache

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Today’s an extra-special day here at SugarHero HQ. For one thing, it’s Friday (yesssssssss!) and for another, today I get to share not one, but four (actually, FIVE!) chocolate recipes with you. Stellar, right? So let’s gorge ourselves on chocolate loveliness before collapsing slack-jawed in front of Netflix with a cozy blanket, because that’s how this party animal does Friday nights. Be jealous!

Four Fantastic Ways to Use Ganache | From

If you’ve done much baking or dessert blog reading, you’re probably familiar with ganache (pronounced guh-NOSH, because it’s just so noshable.) At its most basic, it’s a mix of chocolate and cream melted together to form a smooth, silky mixture. It’s the base of many chocolate truffle recipes, and it’s an excellent all-purpose cake glaze. I’ve used it to cover my Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cakes, and many others. So, to recap: love ganache, make it all the time, use it for everything, would eat it by the bowlful if it were socially acceptable.

Chocolate Soup With Croissant Croutons

So if you’re anything like me—and I know that you are, that’s why we’re such good friends—you’re basically always craving chocolate, but you’re also always trying to trick other people into thinking you’re healthy.

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly have a cookie right now,” you say, lying through your teeth, “I just taught three spin classes and had my second kale smoothie of the morning. I’m stuffed!” Meanwhile, your interior monologue is basically “Cookiecookiecookiecookiecookiecookiecookiecookiecookieeeeee!”

Chocolate Soup With Croissant Croutons and Whipped Creme Fraiche | From

Good news, sweet teeth. I’ve found a loophole!

Meet chocolate soup, your new best friend. It’s basically ultra-rich and creamy hot chocolate, with a few tweaks, served in a bowl with cinnamon croissant croutons and vanilla bean whipped crème fraiche. It’s for serious chocolate lovers only. It’s heaven in a bowl. And it’s the best excuse ever, because if anyone asks, you’re skipping dessert and instead having seconds of “soup.” Because you are just that healthy.

Chocolate Soup With Croissant Croutons and Whipped Creme Fraiche | From

Strawberries and Cream Layer Cake

Strawberries and Cream Layer Cake | From

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day to you! And to you! And to us all! And Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who didn’t get my semi-obscure TV show reference, or who hate women’s suffrage. Yes, even suffrage haters deserve love today. Anyhow. It’s Valentine’s Day. And I have cake, and roses, and lots of…

Red Hot Love Cookies

Red Hot Love Cookies | From

Hello, lovers. I know it has been a little tame around these parts. A little lovey-dovey. A little girly. A little too sweet, if you know what I mean. Today’s recipe is intended to counteract all that sickly sweetness with a giant punch of flavor, right in the kisser. If you’re the type who likes…

Giant Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Mousse Cakes

Giant Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Mousse Cakes

Happy World Nutella Day! This is one food holiday I always look forward to. I’ve celebrated it for the past several years, so by now I have a healthy little collection of Nutella-based desserts on the blog, and I’m always looking to top myself and go a little bigger than the year before. Five years…

Chocolate Rasperry Mini Crepe Cakes

Chocolate Raspberry Mini Crepe Cakes | From

I don’t go for many Valentine’s Day traditions. I have no love for diamonds or gold jewelry, I’m not a big fan of red roses, and I need more boxes of chocolate like I need a hole in the head. You know that clichéd sitcom situation when someone opens a closet and a giant pile…

Watercolor Rose Sugar Cookies

Watercolor Rose Sugar Cookies | From

I am so not a girly-girl. I don’t care about fashion, my day-to-day hairstyle is a very chic French look called a “bun” (maybe you’ve heard of it?), and I’m pretty sure most of the products in my makeup drawer date back to my college days. I don’t normally care for overly frilly or feminine…

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