Pumpkin Bread Truffles

It’s October 1st! (Cue the clichéd “oh where does the time go” monologue.) I am officially putting away the pastel food coloring and ice cream maker, and busting open the industrial-sized can of pumpkin puree.

Pumpkin Bread Truffles | From SugarHero.com

Since pumpkins are the undeniable star of October food and decor, it seemed only appropriate to start my love letter to fall baking with a pumpkin-themed, pumpkin-flavored, pumpkin-shaped candy. They’re Single White Female-ing pumpkin so hard, and I’m totally into it.

Pumpkin Bread Truffles | From SugarHero.com

Doughnut Cake With Mocha Whipped Cream

You’ve probably had doughnuts and coffee before, but I’ll bet you’ve never had them quite like this!

Doughnut Cake With Mocha Whipped Cream | From SugarHero.com

This towering beauty is made from layers of homemade sour cream doughnuts and a light, fluffy mocha whipped cream. Add a topping of shiny chocolate-coffee ganache and a few more doughnuts, and you have a gorgeously unique layer cake that’s the stuff of Homer Simpson’s dreams!

Doughnut Cake With Mocha Whipped Cream | From SugarHero.com


Spumoni Cake

You could not have PAID me enough money to eat spumoni ice cream as a child.

Okay, that’s probably a lie. I was perpetually broke and hustlin’ like only a third grader who reeeaaally wants a new Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers can hustle. I most definitely would have eaten spumoni ice cream for money. But I wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

Spumoni Cake | From SugarHero.com

Fast-forward a few decades, and pistachio is now pretty much my favorite flavor ever. If there’s a way to cram my little green nut friend into a dessert, you’d better believe I’ll find it. So naturally my thoughts turned to spumoni, the classic combination of cherry, pistachio, and vanilla ice cream. (I’ve seen some variations that use chocolate instead of vanilla. I respect that! For these cake-ing purposes, I went with vanilla so it wouldn’t overpower the other flavors.)

Spumoni Cake | From SugarHero.com

Charlotte Royale (Swiss Roll Cake)

Charlotte Royale (Swiss Roll Cake) | From SugarHero.com

Thank you to McCormick for sponsoring this post! Gather round, children, gather round. Allow me to rest in my creaky rocking chair, take up my knitting, and tell you a story about young Elizabeth’s magical 21st birthday.  

Hazelnut Meringue Cake

Hazelnut Meringue Cake | From SugarHero.com

Let us now take a moment of silence to honor the 30+ egg whites who gave their lives in service of making the perfect hazelnut meringue. Rest in peace, good buddies. Lest you gasp and clutch your grocery budget in horror, this recipe doesn’t require anywhere near 30 egg whites. It does, apparently, require one…

Brownie Bread Pudding

Brownie Bread Pudding | From SugarHero.com

There are two kinds of people in the world: the kind of people who aren’t sure if they have extra cookies or brownies just lying around their house, all shrugged shoulders and devil-may-care about it, and the kind of people who know with pinpoint accuracy the location of every item of sugary value within a…

Lemon Coconut Snowball Cake

Lemon Coconut Snowball Cake | From SugarHero.com

Okay, I know I wrote the word “snowball” in the title, but I promise this is not going to be yet another blog post about the weather. If you’re anything like me, you’re a little sick of reading all the breathless September: Summer or Fall?? discussion posts, and I say this as someone who is…

Chocolate Chai Pots de Creme

Chocolate Chai Pots de Creme | SugarHero.com

Sometimes, as a dinner host or hostess, you just want to kick back, relax, serve an easy make-ahead dessert that looks a lot harder than it is, and make your guest uncomfortable when they’re not sure how to pronounce the dessert’s name. Ya feel me? I mean, is that so unusual? Okay, maybe other people…

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