Sunday Sweets: Bark Candies

Hey hey, it’s Sunday! Know what that means? Time to talk about the candy I’ve been making lately! Two weeks ago it was all about BARKS. Bark week was not just about making dreadful puns (“barks you should bite,” yeow!), oh no. It was also about making quick and easy candies that are perfect for these hot summer months. Microwave cooking for the win!

cookies-cream-bark copy

This two-ingredient bark answers the question, “How can you cram as many Oreos as possible into your mouth at once?” Anwer: chop them up and mix them with white chocolate. Done and DONE.

Get the recipe: Cookies and Cream Bark


This is one of my favorite recent candies, because it has such a great mix of textures and flavors. The bottom chocolate layer has chopped peanut butter cookies, so each bite is a mix of crunchy and creamy. And of course adding chopped peanut butter cups on top is the icing on the cake…or the candy on the other candy. I’m not so sure that saying will catch on anytime soon.

Get the recipe: Peanut Butter Cup Bark


The brilliance of this bark lies entirely in the homemade candied peanuts. They’re super crunchy, with a dark, smoky caramelized sugar taste. The chocolate layer has a little peanut butter mixed in to up the nut factor.

Get the recipe: Candied Peanut Bark


Okay, you caught me, this isn’t a bark. But I wanted to sneak in a fun summer-themed candy I made last week. I set chocolate truffles on little mini sugar cones, and decorated them to look like ice cream cones. I kept mine all pretty plain, but you could even flavor different batches of ganache to have different flavors of “ice cream.”

Get the recipe: Truffle Ice Cream Cones

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  1. These barks are totally awesome, lovely to eat as well. Cant hold my liquor :P

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